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AnimationMaker – Your Animation Maker App

AnimationMaker is a software that enables you to create animated presentations and export them to a movie, animated gif or xml file. With animationmaker, you can create a presentation video which can be uploaded to video websites such as youtube, and vimeo. In additional to this, with animation maker app, you can create a very simple, attractive presentation videos and pitch it as a crowdfunding campaign for your product for example.

According to the developer, the idea for the AnimationMaker comes from Adobe Edge which is not available anymore.

animation maker app

Changelog till AnimationMaker 1.4 (Animation Maker App)

  • Just expand all files from the zip into a new folder and run the *.exe
  • Plugins are not supported anymore, because It was impossible for me to compile PythonQt on Windows
  • Added the ability to load python plugins for import and export
  • You can now create animated gifs using the plugin
  • Edit easing curve for transition
  • Font of text objects is now editable
  • The timeline is no longer limited
  • Item resizing while shift key pressed centers the item
  • Playhead scale now has labels every half a second, as well as it can now be repositioned clicking into the new position
  • Scene or single items can now be exported to XML, as well as imported from XML
  • PropertyEditor sits now in a scrollarea
  • Bugfix includes
    • color editor
    • now all selected items will be deleted if DEL is pressed
    • changing Id
    • as well as changing opacity
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Youtube Prsentation

Download AnimationMaker App

If you find this tool useful and have any request for additional feature, then head over AnimationMaker github page

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I have already released version 1.3 where it is not necessary to install plugins anymore.