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GitKraken 3.0 Unleashed with Git LFS Support

GitKraken 3.0 recently released, is the most popular Git GUI client tool for Windows, Mac OS, as well as Linux platform. GitKran makes Git operations not only performance based and efficient, but understandable, visually appealing, and perhaps even just a little bit fun to use. You can download GitKraken below and if you fancy running it on your linux platform, see at end of page how to install GitKraken on Ubuntu & CentOS/RHEL.

download GitKraken

GitKraken Key Features

  • It has a visual interaction and hints
  • Can easily adapts to user’s workspace, as well as supports submodules and Gitflow
  • Supports multiple profiles, including support for single-click undo and redo functions
  • Has a built-in merge tool, as well as a fast, intuitive search tool
  • Its 100% standalone software
  • Does integrates with a user’s GitHub or Bitbucket account

GitKraken 3.0 Changelog


  • Super size those files: Git LFS support has arrived!
  • You can now select multiple files faster than going through the drive-thru! Simply use Shift or Control/CMD to multi-select files to perform any of the following actions:
    • Context menus
    • Stage
    • Unstage
    • Ignore
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  • The right panel was looking a little beefy under the hood, so we slimmed it down a quarter pound and optimized the following:
    • File Tree view navigation with arrow keys
    • Scrolling through the file list

Bug Fixes

  • Repository deletion should provide an error message if there is a file lock(s) preventing deletion.

Note: GitKraken comes both as a commercial version (pro version) and non-commercial version (free version). Also the PRO version has more attractive features, so feel free to support the developers.

Download GitKraken 3.0 for Windows, Mac OS, Linux

How to install GitKraken 3.0 on Ubuntu 17.04, Ubuntu 16.10, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 15.04, Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 12.04, Debian Flavors

sudo tar xvf gitkraken-amd64.tar.gz
sudo mv gitkraken /opt/
cd /opt/gitkraken

How to uninstall app from Ubuntu, Debian

sudo rm /opt/gitkraken #folder

How to install GitKraken 3.0 on CentOS 6, 7, RHEL, Fedora

  • First you need to install required dependencies
yum install dnf
dnf install libXScrnSaver
dnf check-update && dnf upgrade
  • Next install the app
tar -xvzf gitkraken-amd64.tar.gz
sudo rsync -va --delete-after gitkraken/ /opt/GitKraken/
cd /opt/GitKraken

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what would you suggest in the case of :

Setting up Install Process
No package dnf available.
Error: Nothing to do

system centos 6.4 on 2.6.32-358.2.1.el6.x86_64


You have a typo: “sudo apt-get instal gdebi” –> instaLL

Ramya Krishnan
Ramya Krishnan

Good one, thanks for sharing your views and ideas.. keep rocks