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Shareaza recently released, is a free peer-to-peer client app for Windows that allows you to download any file-type found on several popular P2P networks. Shareaza is the most luxurious and sophisticated file sharing system you’ll find. It can harness the power of up to four separate peer-to-peer (P2P) networks, including eDonkey2000GnutellaBitTorrent and Shareaza’s native network, Gnutella2 (G2). Download shareaza below.

download shareaza

The core of the app was built to provide optimum performance from any number of sources. Furthermore, it can manage your download queue automatically, or you can manually control it and modify the status of files as well as the individual physical file transfers and sources.

Shareaza Features

  • Comes with the ability to download the same file simultaneously from multiple networks.
  • Has a scheduler, which allows users to schedule tasks on Shareaza for a later period.
  • Media Player – unlike some peer-to-peer software’s media players, Shareaza’s completely bypasses corruption and merges file chunks into one, creating a previewable video from virtually any amount of downloaded segments. This does not include sound in MPEGs however.
  • Supports complete unicode, as well as numerous translations.
  • The ability to ‘skin’ the interface, allowing users to change its appearance and more.
  • [more features]
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Shareaza Changelog

  • Improved Library files search for torrents
  • Added download group filter by a BitTorrent tracker URL.
  • Added clickable BitTorrent hash link in the search details.
  • Updated services list (Sep 16 2017).
  • Updated Chinese (Traditional) translation.
  • Minor bug-fixes, performance and GUI optimizations.
  • Fixed alpha channel of images
  • Also fixed hangs of remote profile loading.

Shareaza P2P networks

  • G2: Also known as Gnutella2. The most advanced P2P protocol available on the market.
  • gnutella: The open protocol from which Gnutella2 has evolved.
  • eDonkey2000: The best network when it comes to large files. Slowly dieing out.
  • BitTorrent: BT is used to distribute large files with the help of centralised trackers. Even though BitTorrent is named in this list, it is not a P2P network in the original sense of the term, as it doesn’t form a network, but centrally organized swarms for each file that is distributed over BT.

Download Shareaza for Windows

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