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Swift Programming Language 4.0 Development Released

Swift Programming Language 4.0 most recent release, is a high-performance programming language built using a modern approach to performance as well as software design patterns. Swift has a clean and modern syntax, offers seamless access to existing C and Objective-C code and frameworks, and is memory safe by default. It supports both iOS, OS X, tvOS, and watchOS. The syntax is concise yet expressive, and apps run lightning-fast. Before you download Swift Programming Language, lets take a quick look at its features.

Download Swift Programming Language

Swift Programming Language Features

  • It features code that make it easier to read and write, while giving the developer the control needed in a true systems programming language
  • Supports inferred types to make code cleaner and less prone to mistakes
  • Supports modules that eliminate headers as well as provides namespaces
  • Memory is managed automatically, and you don’t even need to type semi-colons
  • Also borrows from other languages, for instance named parameters brought forward from Objective-C are expressed in a clean syntax that makes APIs in Swift easy to read and maintain
  • Closures unified with function pointers
  • Tuples and multiple return values, as well as Generics
  • Fast and concise iteration over a range or collection
  • Structs that support methods, extensions, and protocols
  • Functional programming patterns, e.g., map and filter
  • Also has a powerful error handling built-in
  • Advanced control flow with do, guard, defer, and repeat keywords
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Swift 4.0 Changelog

  • The standard library’s Dictionary and Set types have some new features
  • Filtering a set or a dictionary now results in the same type
  • Swift now natively supports key path objects for properties
  • Protocol composition types can now contain one or more class type terms, forming a class-constrained protocol composition
  • Furthermore, slicing a raw buffer no longer results in the same raw buffer type
  • Also the covariant method overrides are now fully supported, fixing many crashes and compile-time assertions when defining or calling such methods
  • [see changelog for more details]

Download Swift 4.0 for Ubuntu OS

Install Swift 4.0 on Ubuntu

  • Follow same process for installing Swift 3.1.1 on Ubuntu 16.04 as seen below
sudo apt-get install clang libicu-dev

wget -q -O - | gpg --import -


tar xzf swift-3.1.1-RELEASE-ubuntu16.04.tar.gz

export PATH=swift-3.1.1-RELEASE-ubuntu16.04/usr/bin/:"${PATH}"


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