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Harmony Music Player 0.7.0 for Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Play Music

Harmony Music Player is a plugin based music player with sleek UI and cloud compatibility. The plugins are available for Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, Hype Machine, Deezer, as well as local files. The most recent release Harmony Music Player 0.7.0 is built to make it as pleasant as possible on a mac osx. Let’s take a quick look at harmony features and what harmony 0.7.0 offers.

Harmony Music Player

Harmony Music Player Features

  • Plays musics from various sources such as Google Play Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, Deezer, Hype Machine or local files
  • Comes with a playlists, as well as a sound menu integration or system tray for incompatible systems
  • Supports scrobbling
  • Has a good look sleek user interface
  • It has a dark mode theme which can be activated with following key combination (Cmd/Ctrl + D)
  • There is also a keyboard control
  • Integrated with a background notifications system

Harmony Music Player 0.7.0 Changelog


  • Offers coverview!
  • Support for Reddit & YouTube plugins
  • Comes with both Arc & Vibrancy themes
  • Offers ability to install third-parties plugins
  • Ability to change current playlist when minimized
  • You can now make operations on playing track
  • context menu item for finding similar tracks added
  • Redesigned the search feature
  • Now has a smarter filtering algorithm
  • Ability to pin app to menubar on Mac OS
  • Support for basic Touchbar
  • You can now press ? to see the list of available shortcuts
  • Use key combination Cmd+R to refresh library
  • Can now remove tray icons
  • Filtering by Artist/Track/Time both ways now possible
  • Can now show current playing time instead of remaining time
  • Ability to change tray without restarting app
  • Ability for plugins to have their own settings
  • Improved YouTube song matching
  • and many more small improvements
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The following issues where fixed:

  • Deezer playlists with more than 25 tracks
  • Tray icon sizes
  • Arrow scrolling, as well as q shortcut
  • Cmd+Q to quit
  • Login issue to Google Play Music
  • Unauthentificated requests with Spotify
  • Liking local tracks
  • Double clicking on header to maximize (Mac OS)
  • and more small fixes

Download Harmony Music Player for Windows, Linux and Mac OS

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