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Hiri eMail Client for Managers

Hiri email client is your ultimate email client app for managers looking for alternatives to Microsoft Outlook. Hiri connects to your Office 365, as well as, Live, and Hotmail accounts hence enabling you to manage all your mailboxes from a single UI. Its fully compatible with Office 365 and Exchange. Your emails, calendars, folders and everything else will sync with Hiri.

hiri email client

The likes of Mozilla Thurderbird with ExQuilla Plugin, Evolution are also great alternatives but Hiri does have some extra wow factor, one of which is the unique attractive dashboard.

Please note that Hiri is not an open-source app hence its not free but rather there is a 14 days trial period.

Hiri Email Client Features

  • You can send actionable emails and delegate others to your team. Sending tasks using Hiri reduces ambiguity about who needs to do what
  • Annonymously learn more about what your colleagues think about your communication style, to help you improve
  • View a list of all the emails where you specifically asked your team to do something. Quickly ping them for status updates.
  • Set reminders on emails that you can’t deal with immediately, or quickly drag them into your task list, where you can set due dates or reminders
  • Furthermore, you can view your task list in Hiri. This allows you to prioritize and manage your tasks so that you never forget what’s next
  • All your mails are stored in a proper database, which means search is fast and effective

See the Hiri more features section for more info

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Hiri 1.2.0 Changelog

  • You can now create, edit as well as delete contacts.
  • Also you can now select the time interval of inactivity after which the dashboard is displayed
  • Added the ability to dismiss all reminders
  • You can choose if Hiri prepends “–” before your signature in the signature settings
  • You can now choose the starting day of the week (Monday or Sunday) in the calendar settings
  • Link to keyboard shortcuts has been added to Settings -> General.
  • Hiri now syncs 1 month worth of email by default. You can always change the date range in Settings -> Accounts.
  • Disallow adding invalid recipients in reply multiple dialogue
  • Improvements to the way replying works
  • Redesigned feedback dialog so logs can be attached
  • Added an explanation of Actionable/FYI as well as subject line to mail compose
  • Bugfix:
    • problem launching Hiri on some Linux machines with nVidia graphics cards
    • login page wouldn’t load in Hiri if SSL cannot be verified (if login page is company specific)
    • discarding empty forward draft was failing in some cases
    • Sometimes inline reply was disabled when opening a new reply
    • searching for a room (location) for a meeting on Exchange 2010
    • emails would stop syncing if a folder with tasks or calendar items is deleted
    • added space character to standardized signature “fence” (‘– ‘)
  • Performance: opening very large conversations has been significantly sped up

Download for Windows

Download for Mac OSX

Install from Ubuntu Store

Download for Linux OS

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