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Cerebro Productivity Booster Search App

Cerebro Productivity Booster is an advanced open-source but yet powerful search application for windows, linux and mac osx. It can be described as a local search engine for Linux distros. Furthermore it defined as a system-wide desktop search app similar to iOS spotlight search app. Lets take a quick look at its features.

Cerebro Productivity Booster

Cerebro Productivity Booster Features

  • It comes with an integrated plugin manager that allows you to always find and use what you want with ease
  • You can interact with everything searched for with few clicks. This includes opening a file in its default program or reveal in finder, copy contact details to clipboard, as well as see google suggestions
  • You can see everything you are looking for in one place such as maps, translations, files etc. You don’t have to open another application to see what you need.
  • Using the included plugin manager you always can find and use what you want. Also if there is no plugin that you are looking for, you can simplly use these powerful API to build your own plugins and share them with community
  • Cerebro is free and open-source
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Cerebro 0.3.1 Changelog

  • Fix for plugin settngs
  • Support for portable mode (i.e. from USB drive)
  • Added section for “development” plugins
  • Some more minor changes

Download Cerebro Productivity Booster for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX

How to install Cerebro Productivity Booster on Ubuntu 17.04

sudo apt install gdebi


sudo gdebi cerebro_0.3.1_amd64.deb

How to uninstall Cerebro Productivity Booster from Ubuntu

sudo apt remove cerebro

How to use Cerebro

  • To start using Cerebro, simply press “ctrl + spacebar” to launch Cerebro or search for cerebro in dash
  • Next you type what you are looking for like example “Tech Week”
  • You can also search the local directory by entering the path you want to search

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