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Dopamine Music Player – A Sleek Audio Player

Dopamine Music Player is a sleek looking audio player, with the purpose of making music organization and listening as simple and as pretty as possible. Dopamine music player was written in C# and is powered by the CSCore sound library. Lets take a quick look at Dopamine latest released features and updates.

Dopamine Music Player

Dopmine Music Player Update

New Features

  • Added a button to export album and song covers to files
  • Added an option to switch between 4 styles of spectrum analyzers
  • Smoother list animations
  • Audio device selection added
  • Added extra album sorting option “By date created”
  • Added optional play count, skip count and date last played column to the songs screen
  • Left and right arrow keys allow jumping 5 or 15 seconds backward or forward (Information > help for hotkeys)
  • Added an option to follow the album cover color
  • Also added support for local lyrics files (LRC)
  • Collection folders changes now detected automatically
  • Added a context menu option to add the playing song to a playlist
  • The Music\Dopamine\Playlists folder changes now detected automatically
  • Also added NeteaseLyrics as well as XiamiLyrics support
  • Double clicking a playlist queues and plays the songs of that playlist
  • Furthermore, the keyboard space bar now toggles play and pause
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  • Lyrics are not downloaded anymore when the lyrics screen is not visible
  • When using “Loop one”, pressing Previous or Next now skips to the previous or next song.
  • Also the song title on playback info panes now scales to the available width
  • Updated a few more languages

[See Dopamine  changelog for more details]

Download Dopamine Music Player for Windows

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