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Install Git Client SmartGit 17.0.5 on Linux

Git Client SmartGit 17.0.5 recently released, is an efficient Git Client user interface that supports GitHub, Pull Requests + Comments, SVN and Mercurial. SmartGit Git Client focuses on simplicity while targeting non-experts and people who prefer a graphical application over command line usage. Furthermore, it comes with a nice dark theme. Before we proceed on how to install Git Client SmartGit on linux, lets take a look at its key features.

Git Client SmartGit

SmartGit Git Client Features

  • Modify commits before pushing, commit individual lines within a file, resurrect lost commits and many more.
  • SmartGit will ask only when it needs a decision, but doesn’t bother you with underlying technical constraints.
  • No need to install and configure additional tools as the app comes with a built-in SSH client, a File Compare as well as a Merge tool
  • See your repository state at one glance as well as your working tree, Git’s Index, available branches, which commits need to be pushed
  • Clone from GitHub, Assembla and other hosting providers. Furthermore, you ca  create and resolve GitHub Pull Requests and Review Comments

SmartGit 17.0.5 Changelog


  • improvements for installations in large companies
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Bug Fixes

  • Git:
    • Conflict Solver/Resolve: “ours” and “theirs” IDs were flipped
    • Commit: when resolving ~ for commit template path, the Git executable HOME was not used
    • Log, Bitbucket integration:
      • “Could not find parent comment” error if parent comment had been deleted
      • “Inline comment #… has neither from- nor to-position set” error for file comments
    • Pull: for untracked branches “Fetch tags” option was not configured to default value
    • Push: could not continue if configured JIRA server was not accessible
  • preferences, tools:
    • editing tools with executables without specified path, but within the system PATH were rejected
  • Refreshing on window activation: did not refresh if file monitor was disabled
  • Linux: windows did not always remembered their position or size

How to Install Git Client SmartGit 17.0.5 on Ubuntu 17.04, Ubuntu 16.10, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 15.04, Ubuntu 14.04

  • First install Java JRE
  • Now run following commands to install Git Client SmartGit
sudo apt-get install gdebi
sudo gdebi smartgit-17_0_5.deb

How to uninstall Git Client SmartGit from Ubuntu

sudo apt-get remove smartgit

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