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Powder Player Torrent Client for Windows, Linux, Mac OSX

Powder Player 1.10 the most recent release, is the future of all torrent apps. Power Player is the next smart video player and torrent client hybrid that is built around NW.jsPeerflix as well as WebChimera.js. It can do everything a torrent client can, and is super fast and supports streaming to DLNA, Chromecast, AppleTV, browser and other players. Lets take a look at its features, as well as how to install Powder Player on Ubuntu.

install Powder Player

Powder Player Features

  • It is blazingly fast and reliable
  • Fully supports streaming to DLNA, Chromecast, AppleTV, Browser and Other Players
  • Comes with an incredible list of hotkeys that rival those of VLC itself
  • Finds subtitles in all languages and auto-selects your language, it also supports encoding selection and adding your own subtitle
  • Also it has a lot of configuration options to make your torrent streaming and downloading experience unique to your personality and needs
  • You can add as many torrents or videos to the same playlist as you want
  • Keeps a history of the last 20 items you’ve seen
  • Can be associated with Magnet Links, Torrent Files and Video Files
  • You can use Scan Library or Scan Server and it will try to predict and add the missing items from your playlist based on what others have watched
  • If you have a slow connection, you can enable Speed Pulsing and it will only use the minimum necessary to stream or download your torrent
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Powder Player 1.10 changelog

  • The Powder Player v0.98 completely rewritten and redesigned
  • Trakt now supported
  • There is now support for: Chromecast, Airplay, DLNA (1000s of TVs, Game Stations, some Phones, etc.), Browsers (Phones, Tablets, other PCs), other Players, Friends, etc.
  • Comes with a few advanced casting features shuch as Subtitles, Subtitle Color, Subtitle Position, Subtitle Size, Force Quality
  • There is now possibility to change DLNA Finder
  • Magnet Link Association for cases in which it didn’t work before fixed
  • New torrent settings: Forced Download, Speed Limit, Default Trackers, Download All Files
  • There is plugin shortcuts that allow searching on sites, as well as youtube channels, etc. and playing their feeds by just typing their shortcut followed by an action or search query in the “Use a URL” field (ex: “.yt funny video” searches for “funny video” on youtube, etc)
  • It support video playing from tens of new websites (youtube-dl is now included)
  • The track info button in player shows episode / movie image, episode / movie title, description and imdb rating
  • Episode / Movie images in playlist
  • Missing in this release includes: Removed Auto-updater, Translations, Keeping Aspect Ratio / Crop / Zoom Settings Between Playlist Items

How to install Powder Player on Ubuntu 17.04 and below


tar xvf PowderPlayer_v1.10.tar.gz


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