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How to install Unity3d on Ubuntu

Unity3d is one of the most powerful and widely used development platform for creating multi-platform 3D and 2D games as well as providing an interactive user experiences. Unity allows you to target more devices easily, and with a single click you can deploy your game to various devices / platforms such as Mobile phones, Virtual Reality (VR) gadgets, Desktop, Web, Console as well as TV platforms.

install unity3d

Furthermore, unity3d can be described as a complete ecosystem for anyone who aims to build a business on creating high-end content and connecting to their most loyal and enthusiastic players and customers.

Supported Target Platforms For Linux

The Unity Editor for Linux supports export to the following platforms:

  • Linux, Windows as well as Mac Standalone
  • Android, WebGL, Tizen as well as SamsungTV
  • Legacy WebPlayer
  • iOS project deployment (experimental in 5.5 builds)

Unity 5.6 Update

New Features

  • 2D: Added ability to control the tessellation quality of Sprites in the Sprite Editor Window. Tessellation quality controls how tight or coarse the Mesh resembles the actual image. Also sprite Editor Window now supports Sprite outline editing to control Sprite Mesh generation. Furthermore, spriteRenderer: Added support for 9-slice Sprite rendering.
  • AI: Low-Level API for NavMesh building
  • Animation: Added tracking of Animator State Machine view positions.
  • Build Pipeline: Added BuildOptions.CompressWithLz4, which enables Lz4 compression of the player’s data for Standalone, Android and iOS platforms.
    Compute: Added support for Metal Compute (iOS/macOS).
  • Facebook: Added “Facebook” as a new Build Target Platform. This allows you to publish your builds to Facebook using either WebGL or the Facebook Gameroom Windows app.
  • Also added in GI, Light Modes, which replace mixed mode lighting and provide flexible ways to merge baked and realtime shadows
  • and many others
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  • Android: Buildpipe: Removed the AnyCPU option from .so files in Plugin Inspector.
  • Android: Incremented the minimum supported Android API from 9 (Gingerbread) to 16 (Jellybean).
  • Editor: Building in linear color space is no longer allowed for platforms that don’t support it.
  • Graphics: Refactored camera render ordering code.
  • Linux / SteamOS: Switched window management and input handling from X11 to SDL2 on Linux / SteamOS
[See release notes for complete list of new features, improvements and changes]

How to install Unity3d on Ubuntu 17.04, Ubuntu 16.10, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 15.04, Ubuntu 14.04

sudo apt-get install gdebi


sudo gdebi unity-editor_amd64-5.6.3xf1Linux.deb

How to remove Unity from Ubuntu

sudo apt-get remove unity-editor

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Just a heads up!* For ubuntu users especially
the actual remove command is
~ sudo apt-get remove unity-editor
If you would type the uninstall command above and hit yes or type Y for removing the package, it would remove the Unity desktop interface. Just be warned!