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Setup Do Not Disturb While Driving on iOS11

With the release of iOS 11, Apple introduced a new featured “Do Not Disturb While Driving”. This feature is designed to stop or mute all incoming calls / text  notifications whilst driving, except you have the “Allow Calls From” or “Allow Repeated Calls” configured.

The “Do Not Disturb While Driving” feature is not enabled by default but the beauty of this feature is that it automatically prompts you to enable it when it auto detects that you are in a moving car.

This feature will be seen by many as a life changer, hence may find it handy to use when driving. So for this purpose, we will show you how to enable the “Do Not Disturb While Driving” feature.

Do Not Disturb While Driving on iOS11

Enable Do Not Disturb While Driving

  • Launch the settings app on your home screen
  • Scroll down a little till you see “DO NOT DISTURB WHILE DRIVING” just after Repeated Calls. Tap on it to enable it
  • Next you will see 3 options available to you. Select Automatically. See below explanation of each options
    • Automatically: Your iPhone uses information like motion detection and network connections to sense that you might be driving, and turns the feature on.
    • When Connected to Car Bluetooth: Do Not Disturb while driving starts when your phone connects to your car’s hands-free system.
    • Manually: Use Control Center to turn on Do Not Disturb while driving before you begin.
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Do Not Disturb While Driving on iOS11_2

Setup Auto Reply Message

Once you have enabled Do Not Disturb feature, you need to setup an auto reply response to notify those trying to reach that you are driving, hence unable to pick up any calls or reply to any messages.

  • Go to Do Not Disturb section in Settings
  • Scroll to bottom and click on Auto-Reply
  • Edit your message by tapping on the text box
  • Next go back and tap on Auto-Reply To and select the available options to notify anyone trying to reach you

Do Not Disturb While Driving on iOS11

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