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Torque 3D Game Engine 3.10 Released

Torque 3D Game Engine 3.10 most recent release, is an open-source professional 3D game engine that lets you develop creative games such as Villagers and HeroesVirtual ReefMetal DriftTower Wars, and many more Torgue games. With Torque, you can create attractive gaming environments, simulations, visualisations, or anything you can imagine. It comes with a powerful built-in tools for designing game levels and gameplay, and is built on proven networking code that makes supporting large multiplayer environments a breeze. Lets take a quick look at its features.

Torque 3D Game Engine

Torque 3D Game Engine Features

  • Has a high-performance light rendering engine
  • Comes with a powerful visual editor to construct game environments as well as levels
  • It has a reliable networking environment for fast-paced online games
  • Comes with a plugin system that enables the following features; Cloth dynamics, Rigid body dynamics, Destructible objects, Destroyable joints and Fluid buoyancy
  • Its free and open-source, hence you can modify the code as desired

Torque 3D Game Engine 3.10 Changelog

  • Few tweaks to the textures for the terrain
  • Support for Hardware Skinning
  • Fixed the footsteps missing when no impactSoundId
  • Implements the splash screen window to the SDL platform stuff
  • Fixed load with DTS shapes introduced with HW skinning changes
  • Addressed linearizes fog color
  • Now supports IPV6, as well as Mac OS platform
  • Issue with prefabs in root dirs having extra folders in creator fixed
  • Also added sanity check in the event a splash image not been found
  • A motion based updates for shadow caching
  • Furthermore, there is multiple canvas support for GL and DX11
  • Added some helpful utility math functions
  • Fixes Bullet not supporting holes in terrain
  • Fixed crash when saving NavMesh file without Links
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See Torque 3D release notes for complete list

Download Torque 3D for Windows, Mac OSX, Linux

To install Torque 3D Game Engine on Ubuntu, see below

sudo apt-get install git build-essential nasm xorg-dev ninja-build gcc-multilib g++-multilib cmake cmake-qt-gui
sudo apt-get install libogg-dev libxft-dev libx11-dev libxxf86vm-dev libopenal-dev libfreetype6-dev libxcursor-dev libxinerama-dev libxi-dev libxrandr-dev libxss-dev libglu1-mesa-dev build-essential libgtk-3-dev

mkdir -p ~ TorqueProjects/buildFiles/ubuntu

cd TorqueProjects/buildFiles/ubuntu

cmake ../../../.. -DTORQUE_APP_NAME=TorqueProjects -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release


wget unzip

cd Torque*

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